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Improv Comedy Workshop/Master Class

Ready to laugh your socks off? Give improv a go at the Bucks Star Brewery Tap House in Milton Keynes!

Whether you’re a seasoned funny bone or complete newbie, in these workshops you will learn the basics of creating hilarity and then explore longform improv, which allows you to weave your scenes together! Unleash your inner comedian, surrounded by good vibes – you’ll leave uplifted!

Tom Scudamore is a kind, supportive and experienced improv coach. He produces sketch comedy in Norwich, has taught in London and Sydney, and developed his practice at Chicago’s Second City. His gentle style empowers students of all ages in confidence and creative expression.

Improv Comedy for Beginners 13th June tickets

Improv Comedy for Beginners 11th July tickets

Masterclass 10th August tickets

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