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New Beer Coming Soon…

Our Brewery Tap across the road has started to become something of a destination; the appetite for organic, local and handmade products has been noticeable and demand for our increasing range of pizzas keeps growing.

Likewise, thirsty visitors arrive keen to explore our live unfiltered beers, made with organic grains and no added sugars, alongside products from a variety of other producers, including local ciders, organic wines and sodas made with unrefined sugars and real fruit.

We are looking forward to introducing some new beers to you this side of the year and going forward into 2024. One of the beers will be a ruby-coloured beer called Shiraz named after the town in ancient Persian which is home to the Shiraz variety of wine.

You’ll be able to try this and other new recipes first at the Brewery Tap House, directly opposite the brewery!

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