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Bucks Festival 2017

Once upon a time, before Milton Keynes was the old village of Mideltone. Many years on and we celebrate the town’s 50th Anniversary as Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes is one of Europe’s fastest growing towns and was reported by The Guardian newspaper in 2015, as a town which creates jobs faster than anywhere in the UK.

Many companies have located their head-offices and distribution warehouses to this green space, such as Amazon and John Lewis to name a couple. But it’s not a town exclusively of giants; there are many talented independent craftsmen and craftswomen, from producers of quality food and drink products to local services and hand-crafted goods, often sustainable provided, selecting the best ingredients or materials available.

Small Business Events are a local community group providing a platform to small businesses in Milton Keynes and further afield and throughout this year will be holding a series of events which give small independent businesses in Milton Keynes and beyond further exposure, whilst highlighting the benefits of localism which translate into ecology, health and quality products and services. 2017 is set to be a great year and it’s important for the local micro-economy, with businesses such as Forest and Folk Botanical, Cute Maps, MinkieMoo Bakery and Bucks Star Beer, to be central feature of the #MK50 Celebrations!

Bucks Festival will be a series of festivals starting on June 03rd June 2017. For further information or to book a stall, please contact the organisers by email to smallbusinessevents@outlook.com

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