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Celebrating with first beer in two years

British Paralympian Andy Lewis won gold in the men’s PT2 Triathlon and says he will be celebrating his victory with his first beer in two years.  Andy Lewis may not have waited two years before his first pint had he known about the benefits of Bucks Star’s real ale. Nonetheless, a great achievement he has made as well as a perfect choice of celebratory drink.

As the Rio 2016 Paralympics draw to a close today, many remain unaware of the close relationship between Buckinghamshire and the Paralympics. Buckinghamshire is in fact the birthplace of the Paralympic movement.

It started through the work of Sir Ludwig Guttman, a neurosurgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, who revolutionised the treatment and life chances of those with spinal injuries. He organised the first ‘Stoke Mandeville Games’ to coincide with the start of the London Olympics in 1948. The International Stoke Mandeville Games were the forerunners of today’s Paralympic Games.





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