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What’s Next for Bucks Star Beer

We can not reiterate enough how important purpose for any business is. Bucks Star’s founder says that since childhood he has always wanted to create and offer something good to those around him. Little did he know that his legal background was a precursor to eventually realising his dream brand of pure, quality beer, using sustainable philosophy.

There has been no shortage of obstacles at Bucks Star Beer, but any truly rewarding venture will no doubt deliver its challenges, whether it’s larger competitors who don’t want your beer in the market or remedying certain perceptions the general public may hold about particular products. We’ve had to work hard to elucidate the benefits of unfiltered and unfined beer, which we translate as our cloudy artisan beer.

It took two years of planning, but beforeVan our first full year of trading, a neighboring business caught fire preventing us from brewing in our new shiny brewery. But this hasn’t stopped us; our passion remains strong and the support we have received from friends and yourselves gives us encouragement. What’s more, this disruption has given us the opportunity to develop parts of the business which urgently needed attention and the creation of a new recipe for a porter named Magiovinium, after the old Roman settlement in Fenny Stratford.food and drink logo_BUCKS-2016_highly commended

Even more fantastic was the Craft Beer of the Year award we recently received in the Buckinghamshire Food and Drink Awards, so a big thank you to those of you who have supported us whether by voting for us or simply buying our beer!

Our journey has only begun, but you, as friends, customers or business partners, have been and continue to be an important part of it. Good beer is at the heart of what we do, but it encompasses something greater which we are all a part of. 2017, here we come!

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